Using Copywriting Frameworks to give you the edge over your compitition | Framework for copywriters & entrepreneurs

For those who are not fantastic copywriters, frameworks and templates can act as a great starting point.

If you’re an agency owner or entrepreneur who hates writing copy, then this blog post is for you. This blog will discuss the AIDA, PAS, and BAB frameworks that have been proven to increase conversions by 50%. These frameworks are a great way to create attention-grabbing copy that engages your audience from the very beginning!

Now before we start on the frameworks, we need to remember that your audience is key when creating relevant content.

Keeping the people that we are writing with in mind can be a deciding factor on the type of copy you create and whether or not it will resonate with them, which means our readers matter more than anything else.

With that in mind, I’m going to imagine that my audiences are entrepreneurs and agency owners who want to save time, money, and frustration in writing fantastic copy by using some brand-new software that I have access to.
Let’s start with PAS

PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution).

The PAS model is the copywriting formula used in marketing. It stands for problem-agitate-solution and explains the process it takes to make a sale or get a call to action (CTA).

The 3 stages of PAS are :
1) Problem – What’s wrong/frustrating about how things currently are?
2) Agitate – How does this trouble people? How could they be hurting?
3) Solution – Why will their life improve after buying your product or service

Here are some examples using my audience and product mentioned above.

Problem: You are a busy digital marketing agency owner and you want to offer your clients high converting copy, but you don’t have the time or expertise.

Agitate: Your clients need great copy for their Facebook Ads, blog posts and website content. They need it fast and they expect it to convert well. 

Solution: AI Copywriter is an easy-to-use tool that generates professional looking advertising copy in seconds based on proven formulas such as AIDA or Problem – Agitate – Solution formula. Our software can be used by any online business owner who wants to save time while creating better results with their advertising campaigns.

And more PAS:

Problem: You’re an agency owner and you need more clients. 

Agitate: Your competition is getting all the new clients, but they have a copywriter on staff. You don’t want to lose out on any potential business because your competitors are able to create high converting sales copy for their customers.

Solution: Our AI Copywriter can help you with that! By using our software tool, you’ll be able to get more leads from PPC campaigns, generate more traffic from SEO efforts and convert better on your landing pages by creating engaging conversion focused content in minutes instead of hours or days! 

Then, what about AIDA mentioned above:

***************How do you get people’s attention?****************

That’s what AIDA is, the Attention Interest Desire Action framework that copywriters use to formulate how to write a persuasive argument.
There are many variations of this formula, but they all pretty much boil down to these three points — catch someone’s attention with whatever anecdote or statistic will surprise them enough to think “what?” in the first place; grab their interest by following up on that surprise with something intriguing enough for them to want more information about it; and move from there into showing how your product fulfills those desires.

One big thing a lot of copywriters neglect though is step one: capturing attention.

Here are some examples of AIDA in action:

Attention: You’ve got a digital agency and need copywriting help?

Interest: We know how hard it is to write high-converting copy. That’s why we created AI Copywriter, an artificial intelligence that writes great content for you in minutes! It can take care of your Facebook Ads, blog posts, website content and everything else that goes with running an online digital agency.  Writing great high converting copy can be so frustrating and take you hours, sometimes days to get create converting copy for your clients.

Desire: With AI Copywriter by your side you will never have to worry about writing another word again! All the time spent on creating high-converting content will now go into growing your business instead of sitting at a computer trying to come up with new ideas or spending hours researching what words people use when they search for something like “digital marketing services”.  Our Artificial Intelligence does all this work for you while also keeping up with the latest trends in SEO so that no matter what happens in the world of digital marketing, our AI has already been there before us!

Action: Sign up today and start getting amazing results right away!

And another AIDA:

Attention: You’re a digital agency owner and need to create great copy for your clients.

Interest: AI Copywriter is an artificial intelligence that writes high converting copy for you, so you can focus on running your business. It will write content for Facebook Ads, blog posts, website content and anything else that goes with running an online digital agency.  Writing great high converting copy can be so frustrating and take hours or days to get it right. With AI Copywriter it takes seconds!

Desire: Click this ad now to start using AI Copywriter today!  We offer a free trial so you don’t have to risk anything but the time spent signing up!  If you’re not satisfied after 7 days we’ll refund 100% of your money back no questions asked – guaranteed!

Action: Sign up for our free trial right now by clicking this ad and see how much time AI Copywriter saves you from writing boring copy yourself!

And then finally we get on to BAB – one of my favorites.

The before-after bridge framework is a simple way to use “before and after” story sequences to show the effect of a product or service on potential customers.
The before are typically things that they must live with, suffer because of, wish for something different.
Then there’s an event where someone saved them (the new solution). That leaves the after – feeling relieved, happy and optimistic.

Simple yet effective copywriting techniques like the before-after bridge can help you write messages that will make prospects want your products or services rather than just vaguely imagining what it might be like if they had them in their life. They want to go from problem -> relief -> happiness -> success with your product!

Some examples of BAB:

Before: You’re tired of writing copy for your clients and want to outsource it. But you don’t have the time or money to hire a full-time copywriter, so you need something that can write good quality content on demand.

After: Imagine having an AI Copywriter that writes high converting copy for your clients 24/7 without needing any supervision from you! It’s like having a full-time writer working for you at 1/10th the cost!

Bridge: AI Copywriter is an Artificial Intelligence software program that uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to generate high converting web content. The system understands what words and phrases are most likely to convert visitors into customers, then creates engaging blog posts, adverts and so much more.

One more BAB:

Before: You’re tired of spending hours writing copy for your clients. It’s time-consuming and you feel like it never turns out well.

After: AI Copywriter is a new artificial intelligence software that will write high converting copy for you in minutes! AI Copywriter uses the latest advances in deep learning to create engaging, emotional content that converts better than any human writer could ever do.

Bridge: With AI Copywriter, you’ll be able to spend more time on what matters most – growing your business and creating value for your customers!

Now the 3 framework examples above were actually constructed with real AI from this exact input I created below:

“You own a digital agency in South Africa but have a hard time writing copy. You need it for Facebook Ads, blog posts, website content and everything else that goes with running an online digital agency.  Writing great high converting copy can be so frustrating and take you hours, sometimes days to get create converting copy for your clients.”

Company/product name:
“AI Copywriter”

See the Screenshot below:


I plugged the above info into the AI and it created the rest, on its own!

Freaky Stuff!

Here’s how I could have written another blog on the same Marketing framework topic.

This is a title I came up with: 

“Do copywriting frameworks really help?”

Here are some ideas from the Blog Post Outline in the AI Copywriting software;

  1. What are copywriting frameworks and how do they work
  2. The benefits of using a framework to write your copy
  3. How to use a framework for your next writing project
  4. The drawbacks of using a framework 
  5. Why you should or shouldn’t use one on your next copywriting project 
  6. Some examples of popular frameworks used today

Here’s the screenshot: 

Then we take the first topic and expand on it in the Content Improver:

1. What are copywriting frameworks and how do they work?

“Copywriting frameworks are a technique used by copywriters to tackle repetitive tasks, thus boosting their creativity and effectiveness. Copywriters use them because they save time on creating content for each individual blog post or website page that needs it. They work with pre-written phrases in order to streamline the process of writing original text over again every single time you want something written about either topic A or B (which will be discussed shortly). There are many types of these templates but three common ones include headline formulas like “7 Ways To…”, list formats such as ____ tips,” and story frames including ______ happened one day.” These often come up when faced with different situations so no matter what your project is this framework will help make sure you get ideas.”

And then we move on to the next topic:

2. The benefits of using a framework to write your copy

“Using a framework in your copywriting has many benefits. You’ll always know where to start, you can stay on point and make sure it’s engaging for the reader.
Using a writing structure or template when starting out is helpful because it ensures that all of your content will be structured well – this means that readers won’t get distracted by anything unnecessary but they also don’t miss any important points. These templates are written with specific types of audiences in mind so writers have an outline from which to work off of and create their own unique voice while still sticking within the guidelines set forth before them.”

I would then carry on with each topic as I did above to complete the full blog post, ending with a conclusion and Call To Action.

Conclusion paragraph: “Frameworks are a set of guidelines for when you write your copy. They help to simplify the process and make sure that all aspects of your writing align with what you want it to do.

The benefits to using them include less time spent on revising, editing, and checking your work against a checklist or template; more focus is put on actually creating good content that will serve the customer.

When deciding whether or not to use one as part of your next project, consider how much extra time you will save by using frameworks software like Facebook Ad Headlines and Body Text – our favorite!
Some popular examples used today were AIDA (Attention + Interest + Desire + Action), PAS (Problem + Attention + Solution) and BAB (Before + After + Bridge).”

Then a CTA………….

After: AI Copywriter is a revolutionary new tool that uses artificial intelligence to write engaging and creative marketing copy in just minutes! It’s fast, easy, and affordable.

Bridge: AI Copywriter can help you create better marketing copy and quicker than ever before. Using it is as simple as 1-2-3…

Solution: If you’re like most digital marketing agencies then writing great copy is one of the biggest challenges that your business faces today. With our AI Copywriter software tool we can help solve this problem by creating amazing content for your clients while saving you hours each day on more important tasks such as client outreach and growing your agency.

Give it a free trial today or join the Fantastic Facebook Group where we all share our copywriting secrets!

Well, I hope that I’ve helped a little with your copywriting.

Have an amazing day!

PS Links in this blog are affiliate links for the AI software mentioned above (It’s the first software I have ever promoted publically as an affiliate in over 35 years in marketing). 
PPS I really recommend you do some Live Training on the software before starting, this is AI and nothing like you have ever experienced before – I promise _ it will blow your mind!
PPPS Over 90% of the copy on this page was written with AI (truth)

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